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Churches urged to take the jab!

Dr. Rev Kenneth Mtata- Secretary-General, Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC)

Misinformation and conspiracy theories on the Covid-19 vaccine have clouded the Christian fraternity. Some Christian leaders have come out guns blazing saying that vaccine is the mark of the beast or 666 symbol of Satan.


Church leaders and Christians have been urged to take the Covid-19 vaccine for their benefit and those around them by the Secretary-General for the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC), Dr. Rev Kenneth Mtata.


He urged Zimbabweans to embrace the vaccine jab, saying that in the last few weeks they have been consulting with other church leaders and the medical professionals so as to fully understand the vaccine.


“In the last few weeks, we have been consulting with the church leaders, with the medical professions for us to have a deeper understanding of the vaccine, all the challenges, and risks associated with it. We have concluded that this vaccine could be useful to protect people from the covid-19 virus and therefore we are encouraging people to get vaccinated”, said Dr Mtata.


Dr. Mtata said he was vaccinated and he called upon church leaders to vaccinate as well. He said arrangements were being made where they can be conveniently vaccinated. In making the clarion call, he said vaccination is not only for self-protection but for the protection of others as well.


“I have been vaccinated myself and I am calling up our all our clergy and church leaders to get vaccinated. We don’t do it only for ourselves but all so for our congregants,” said Dr. Mtata.


An invitation was made for people not to stop using other forms of protection against this scourge.


“We don’t only get protected using this vaccine, also by continuing to use masks, washing our hands, and keeping social distance. We pray that God continues to provide protection as we hear there is a new third-wave coming-up. We pray that God may watch over us so that we are safe to continue in service of Him and our neighbour”, said Dr. Mtata.


Pastor Kilton Moyo said the vaccine is for medicinal purposes only and an people should use the Covid-19 as much as they have been using other vaccines in the past.


"The jab is not a faith issue but a purely medical issue. I think confusing these two can do more harm than what is being said about the jab. Christians have taken vaccines before and continue to use pharmaceutical medicines  and there is no problem  with that. People must not take the jab out of fear but with the usual trust they show on any other medicine.  “said Pastor Moyo.

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