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Lupane home destroyed by rains

This year Zimbabwe has a season of abundant rains but in some places, it left a trail of destruction to homes, crops, and livelihoods. 

In Silwane village of Lupane District, a family had their house destroyed at night whilst they were asleep in it. The Christian Voice got the sad news from Pastor Dumisani Ncube who is a Peace Ambassador under the Zimbabwe Christian Alliance (ZCA).

“On the 15th of March 2021 in Silwane village, under the kraal leader Bhalanu Sibanda, there is a family whose house was destroyed whilst they slept inside. This was the house with all their belongings after all other houses were destroyed by rains”, said Pastor Ncube.

Pastor Ncube added that the grandmother whose home was destroyed was saved by her grandchildren after they heard the roof falling.

“The widower was saved by her grandchildren, who when they heard the roof falling they wake her up. In the morning she found herself trapped under a roof, we thank God that she came out unhurt”, said Pastor Ncube


In view of that, the widower is seeking help from well-wishers, since she does not have a bigger house. She was only left with a small hut which she shares with her grandchildren. Pastor Ncube said, one of the children was left traumatized and in fear because of what happened. The hut they are left with might also be destroyed.


“What happened is very disheartening. We request well-wishers to bounce their weight and help. In the previous years, we had similar encounters which befell nine homes. This troubles me, and I request people to come through with any help. James 1 verse 27 says we have an obligation or duty to help widows and the fatherless who are in affliction”, said Pastor Ncube

There are also five homes whose boreholes were destroyed by rains. Whereas others had their houses destroyed and that calls for people to help.

“Its costs R8000 to dig or drill one borehole”, revealed pastor Ncube