> Previous Projects & Activities

1. Scaling Up Of Citizen Participation In Electoral Processes Project

The objective of the project is to increase the participation of women, youth and PWDs in the 2018 elections, provide access to independent sources of electoral information for improved decision making choices by youth, women & PWDs and provide platforms for dialogue & engagement between prospective duty bearers, women, youth and PWDs for the representation of their issues in government processes. The project is implemented in Binga, Beitbridge, Plumtree, Bulawayo, Tsholotsho, Nkayi and Hwange.

2. SCOVE Project

The project focused on building the capacity of rural women and youth in the marginalised areas of Hwange. The project was continuing from last year and ended this year in April.

> Meet the Candidate / Councilor interface

A total of 12 meet the candidate and meet the councilor meetings were held before the election period. Through the capacity building trainings that were done during the year, communities managed to draft their own community manifesto which was presented to aspiring candidates.

The community manifesto had issues that the community wanted the aspiring candidates to address when they are elected into office. During the meet the candidate meetings, the political parties were requested to sign a peace pledge, vowing that they will not take part in any violent activities during and after the elections.

> Monitoring and Tracking of NPRC

ZCA attended and monitored consultative meetings that were held by the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission in Bulawayo, Lupane, Masvingo and Gwanda.

Besides monitoring them during the consultative meetings, ZCA has been working closely with the commission and are currently working on the application for a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the commission.

> Voter Education

A group of youth volunteers were engaged to carry out door to door mobilisation at different wards around Bulawayo. People were mobilised to register to vote using the new biometric voter registration system. Intensive voter education was carried out during this time. The major objective was to demystify any misconceptions on the registration process as it was new to the electorate.

Shuttle services were provided to ferry prospective registrants to the neareast registration centres. This service was availed only in Bulawayo during the mobile registration phase. However, after the mop up registration exercise the shuttle services were extended to other areas such as Hwange, Kezi and Tsholotsho.

> Church Leaders Commissioning Of VR9 Forms

Church leaders who are marriage officers provided commissioning services free of charge to assist community members without proof of residence by stamping and signing VR9 forms. This initiative was aimed at reducing the number of people whom were being turned away from registration centres for not having any proof of residence which was a requirement for all prospective voters.

> Meeting With The President

In collaboration with Turning Matabeleland Green (TMG), ZCA hosted the President, His Excellency Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa in Bulawayo where he launched the Hopeville housing estate as well as the Tomato processing plant. During this launch, the President was presented with a bible from ZCA of which e read the message on the bible to the people.

A luncheon was held and was graced by the Resident Minister of Bulawayo Metropolitan, Cde Judith Moyo and the Minister of Local Governance, Public Works and National Housing, Cde July Moyo.

> Meeting With The Minister Of State (Bulawayo/Gwanda)

ZCA held two separate meetings with the Minister of State for Bulawayo and Gwanda this year.

In Gwanda, the meeting was held in the Minister Abednico Ncube’s office with NPRC. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the Vova mine violent clashes between miners that had caused the death of one and 19 others seriously injured.

In Bulawayo, the meeting was also held in Minister Judith Ncube’s office with Bulawayo church leaders. The objective of the meeting was to discuss issues of development, poverty and welcoming the Minister into her new office.

> Meeting With The Mayor And The Councillors

ZCA held two meetings with the local authority at the council chambers in Bulawayo. The first meeting was welcoming the Mayor into office and establishing a relationship between the council and the church leaders in Bulawayo.

A follow up meeting was done again at the council chambers. This meeting was attended by the NPRC, Church leaders in Bulawayo and the Councillors. The church leaders had the opportunities to present their pressing matters to the councillors which they felt needed immediate attention and some issues that needed to be solved with time.

> Performance Score Cards Training

Rights holders (the community) were involved in assessing the performance of service providers through Performance Score Cards (PSC) training. Three training sessions, 2 for the wards (Lupote and Makwandala) and 1 for duty bearers were conducted. This training built the capacities of the communities to identify service delivery gaps that needed to be addressed and to capacitate rights holders on PSC as a social accountability tool. During these trainings, it was observed that women and youths are now able to apply the PSC tool in assessing the performance of service providers and engage them constructively for improved service delivery.

> Junior Councillors Initiative

Youth issues are more often treated as trivial issues by the duty bearers and traditional leadership due to their absence in the decision-making spaces. To circumvent such tendencies Zimbabwe Christian Alliance introduced the Junior Council concept within school youths to facilitate the participation of young people in local governance and decision-making. Eighteen young people (13 girls and 5 boys) received training on the roles and responsibilities of councillor and leadership, coupled with induction on the council processes through observing the mainstream full council in motion. During the training, young people, through impromptu speeches, presented to duty bearers’ issues that affect young people in Hwange district. Issues such as child abuse, early marriages and right to education were recorded.

> Engagements meetings both at district and Ward level

SCOVE project created space for women and youths to demand for accountability from duty bearers on issues affecting them. Key engagements held were:

(i) Access to information on the CAMPFIRE program with the Hwange RDC Natural Resource Manager

(ii) Operations of the Hwange Community Share Ownership Scheme with the Hwange Community Share Ownership Trust board,

(iii) Construction of the Mashala clinic with the Rural District Council Engineer and ward Councillor

(iv) Access to clean water in Mashala with the Mining companies,

(v) Non-responsiveness of Zimbabwe Republic police Ward 16 with the Officer in Charge- Zimbabwe Republic Police

(vi) Installation of Headperson and incentives for villages in ward 14, with Chief Nekatambe

(vii) Non-performing head master at Kanywambizi Primary School in ward 8

(viii) Construction of Secondary School and access road in ward 10

(ix) Electricity black out at Lupote Rural health centre with the Rural Health Centre

(x) Leadership infirmities within ward 16 with Chief Nelukoba,

(xi) Centralisation of Food Distribution Point (FDG) for the elderly people in ward 16 with the District Officer- Department of Social Welfare.

Through this engagement process, duty bearers were compelled to respond and address community issues for improved service delivery.

> Sensitisation Meetings

The organization recently carried out 4 consultative meetings in the following provinces, Matabeleland North; Midlands, Manicaland and Masvingo. Views from each of these consultative meetings will be consolidated into respective position paper for the Province. Three (3) position papers are currently being developed. Ultimately these position papers are expected to be handed over to the Legislature and Executive during the planned Breakfast meetings to be done in the 2nd quarter.

> National Devolution Shadow Bill

A shadow Devolution Bill is currently being crafted by the Consultant. The Bill is expected to incorporate views gathered during the consultative, sensitization and Breakfast meetings that the organization is currently undertaking. Subsequently the Bill is expected to be presented to both the Legislature and the Executive. The National Devolution Campaign has been rolled out in 4 Provinces of Zimbabwe; namely Matabeleland North, Manicaland Midlands and Masvingo.

> Digital Campaign

The organization has also launched an online National devolution Campaign (Twitter, Facebook and website). In these platforms there is a monthly devolution articles were different writers contribute every month. So far 2 articles have been posted in this campaign.

Pictures, videos and #hashtags from the Devolution meetings are posted so that people can see what the organization is doing. A software application is currently being developed; this will help the organisation to reach out to as many people as it can.

> NPRC & ZHRC Engagement Meeting: Hwange and Beitbridge

2 engagement meetings with NPRC and ZHRC were held at provincial level in Beitbridge and Hwange District. In Beitbridge the meeting attracted 85 participants, whilst the Hwange meeting attracted 91 (45Males, 46Females) participants. The purpose of the engagement meetings was to provide communities with an opportunity to interface and engage with the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission and the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission. This enabled communities to refer cases of human rights abuses and bring about a process of truth telling, national healing and reconciliation in their respective communities. Two submissions were made to the commissions , one for each commission.

> Development of Peace Building training manuals

A total of 200 training manuals were developed by the consortium. ZCA got 83 manuals which they used to train Provincial Coordinators, Pastoral Peace Ambassadors, Local Peace Committee as well as the community on peace. The manual acts as a guideline on how to resolve conflicts in communities.

  • Training of Provincial Coordinators

A total of 4 provincial coordinators (Mat North, Mat South, Midlands and Bulawayo) were appointed at the beginning of the programme. The Provincial Coordinators were responsible for selecting and training of the Pastoral Peace Ambassadors in their respective provinces.

  • Identification of Pastoral Peace Ambassadors and Local Peace Committee

ZCA has a total of 40 Peace Pastoral Ambassadors (PPA) and 14 Local Peace Committees (LPC, one in each province). The PPAs have been crucial to the CCOP initiation process and have played a major role in community mobilisation and enforcing peace in the community. The PPAs were trained and equipped with response mechanisms, human rights documentation and security protocols.

Each province has a total of 5 Local Peace Committees but currently only 14 have been formed. The LPC is responsible for managing conflicts and resolving disputes in their respective communities.

  • Signing of Peace Pledges/ Peace March

ZCA held a peace march in Bulawayo in preparation of the elections, encouraging people to vote in peace and shun from any violent activities even after the elections. The peace march was attended to by Civic Society Organisations (CSOs), Political Parties; Zimbabwe Human Rights Commissions, Churches and the Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC).

A total of 4 peace pledges were signed by political parties in Midlands, Bulawayo, Matabeleland North and South. The signing of the peace pledges was done in collaboration with the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC).

> Monitoring and documentation of human rights violation

ZCA managed to mediate 3 conflicts this year through the local peace committees. Two of the conflicts were artisanal mining violence in Habane, Esigiodini and Vova Mine in Gwanda. The two conflicts received media attention. The National Peace and Reconciliation Commission and Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission also played a part in resolving the conflict that happened in Gwanda and are still working on restoring peace in that area. The Commissions launched an investigation on the violence.

> Christian Road Show

A Christian road show was held in Bulawayo High Density Areas to sensitise people on no violence intervention during the immediate post election period. An international arts performers group from Hawaai and South Africa (Island Breeze) performed in major locations such as Entumbane Complex, Nkulumane Complex and Emasimini business centre in Cowdray Park.

> Sensitization And Mobilization Engagements

A sensitization engagement was conducted in Nathisa, Kezi. The purpose of the engagement meeting was teach people on the importance of participating in electoral processes.

During the meeting participants indicated some of the challenges they encounter, such as access to the registration centre, ill-treatment by ZEC officials, Proof of residence, lack of access to birth certificates and identification cards amongst other issues.

> District Prayer Rally

A District Prayer Rally activity was conducted in Nathisa, Kezi and reached out to about 762 people from churches and the community in Kezi District.

Churches provided choirs to perform at the prayer rally as a means of attracting as many people as possible. Pastors helped in the commissioning of VR9 form during the prayer rally as those in attendance indicated interest in voting.

> Commissioning Of VR9 Forms By Pastors

Pastors in Kezi, Tsholotsho and Hwange mobilised and commissioned VR9 forms for locals in their churches and communities to enable people to register. In Kezi the pastors requested for more VR9 forms as many people showed interest in registering to vote hence these were couriered to them.

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